On a bright crisp October Saturday morning as we enjoyed our Coffee Cup coffee over at the pier, we suddenly saw this athletic man approaching the bend of the road at an impressive speed. He was near the front of the pack for this 5K Great South Run race and approaching the final straight. You wouldn’t of known it though, given how fresh he still looked and the pace he was moving in! 

We took a closer look to see that this was one of our own! Eddie – the new Spirit in Sport intern! 

Eddie’s impressive end to the 2022 GSR 5K was much like how he has started in his role as Intern with us this year: Cool, calm, collected and very capable! 

From our Monday morning meetings, to our action packed Tuesday programme, with our Wednesday Bible study and working on our development plans, and from funding bids to sports equipment maintenance for the rest of the week, intern Eddie has become a valuable part of our team.

At the beginning of Eddie’s internship back in September, we (tried) to catch up with the seasoned triathlete and future sporting pro, to learn more about him and his role with us. 

Q.You are a triathlete. Isn’t that hard? 

Eddie: Yes I am. I started a while ago when I was 8! I’ve been racing ever since I was 9 and even had the chance to go to nationals a couple of times.

And he’s off! (As our Office Manager enjoys a coffee on the side!)

Q. Who is a sporting hero of yours?

Eddie: My sporting hero has to be Sir Mo farah. I absolutely love how he kicks on the final lap to win the race!

Q. What about a non-sporting hero?

Eddie: My non-sporting hero would be Captain Tom. This is because he lifted the spirits of the nation during Covid and raised money for the NHS at the same time. As well as this he served his country in World War 2 to fight for our freedom.

Approaching the final straight!

Q. What is your best personal sporting memory (whether spectating or taking part)?

Eddie: My best sporting memory has to be when I went to the inter regional championships for triathlon where me and my relay team won gold!

Q. Why did you choose to spend time with Spirit in Sport for your gap year?

Eddie: I chose to spend my gap year at Spirit in Sport because I wanted to gain a bit of life experience in a friendly Christian environment.

Cool, calm, collected and very capable...he takes it in his stride!
Cool, calm, collected and very capable…he takes it in his stride!

Q. You have 29 seconds to travel up the Spinnaker Tower lift. What can you tell your fellow passengers in that time about Spirit in Sport and your role with us?

Eddie: Well…… spirit in sport is a Christian charity that helps young people as well as adults through a range of sporting activities as well as teaching them key skills like respect, honesty and sacrifice with the help from Bible verses.

Q. A young person is thinking about taking part in Sports Club but they’re worried they don’t know anyone, and they don’t go to a church. What would you say to them?

Eddie: I would say go and do it! It won’t take long after a few activities you’ll have made a load of new friends. Going to church isn’t a must to join in and in my opinion people who go to church are the most friendly people about!


Q. Over the next year, what is something you are most excited about at Spirit in Sport about and what do you think will be one challenge for you? 

Eddie: I am most excited about meeting new people. One thing that will challenge me will be talking to a group and explaining to the group various exercises in a clear way.

Q. Looking a few years ahead and you’re deep into your degree at uni, what do you hope to be studying and how do you think your time with us will have helped?

Eddie: I hope to do a sport science degree at university. Spirit in sport will increase my skill set so that meeting with new people and sharing ideas in a team environment will become easy. 


Q. How can you encourage us in the team?

Eddie: I can encourage Spirit in Sport because of the flexible, friendly and laid back atmosphere that I am now part of, making it easy for me to share my own ideas to contribute to various activities.

Wow, thanks Eddie! What a gent! 


If you are interested in joining our internship programme, please find out more here  or contact us at office@spiritinsport.org.uk

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