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Watch our new Work Out video – 15 minutes of warm up, nine core exercise routines, and some special encouragement along the way.


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FEEDBACK from our community

“Enjoying the sunshine running laps around the green or up and down the footpath opposite our house – looking forward to next week’s session, thank you.”
“We all ran on the spot for 5 minutes to Eye of the Tiger in our living room! – Mum was most out of breath of course”
“Ran round the house, or on the spot, laughing!!!”
“The children were brilliant! They kept going and combined the challenge with a Scouting badge requirement about measuring their heartrate before and after exercise.”
“Not too bad, my tummy did get in the way though”
“We turned the rugby challenge into a game by throwing the ball between the 4 of us. We counted how many complete passes we could make and got to 16! Good fun. The planking challenge was hard, but we all had a go”
“We did it as a family and then did it with friends”
“We did the challenge inside and outside, swapping partners…Good to do the planks, fondly, reminded us of our Joe Wicks sessions in the 1st lockdown. Thank you”
“We kept going and encouraging each other”
“We took the rugby ball out in a walk and threw it to each other in the woods”
“Good fun! Thanks”
“This is great, thank you”
“My boy is so much better at catching the ball since coming to you guys , but we both struggled with the plank 😂”
“The kids demonstrated their good passing skills that you’d taught them. They were fab at squatting – we even did an extra “Bring Sally Up!” squat challenge from Youtube!”
“It’s great, I did a sumo squat for 2mins 20secs (the winner)”
“Enjoyed it!”
“My daughter completed the most skips in the family AND the most burpees in 30 seconds – Youngest was the best! Burpees are evil…!”
“Thank you. I did my burpees placing my chest to the floor (like Joe Wicks did).”
“Moving the basketball around your body is difficult if your arms are small! Everyone completed both challenges.”
“Thank you we found this session especially good. It was a fun challenge for all, trickier for those with smaller hands (they found the football easier).”
“Thank you for these activities. It’s been great taking part – Although we miss the regular sports group!”
“Hoop Challenge… Maddie = 12; Seb = 10; Vicky = 12; Ali = 9. Seb & Maddie were great at the star jumps!”
“Paula, Amelia and Charlotte found the hoop challenge and star jumps really fun. Jerry loved joining in but may not have done it completely right 🙂 Amelia went through the hoop 10 times and Charlotte won with 12”
“Thank you so much Spirit in Sport, we have loved taking part!”
“Control, accuracy, commitment, perseverance, teamwork, focus and “finish the race””

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

2 Timothy 4:7

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