We have come out of the autumn starting blocks with a sprint – England at the Rugby World Cup live with free breakfast, 3×3 Basketball league, and church visits as well as our Men’s Shed, Community Cafe and Monday Night Football… AND NOW: SPORTS CAMP!

We’re excited to be introducing new activities and events to the Spirit in Sport Centre. But our old favourites stay close to our heart.

The school holidays Sports Camp was the original Spirit in Sport ministry over 15 years ago as Chris Cox begun to provide sports games combined with clear biblical principles and sharing the ‘good news’ of the gospel, with children at St Jude’s Church, Southsea.

Today, the venue has changed and the camps are open to the whole community – all faiths and none – but the model stays the same.

Fun, challenge, teamwork, perseverance, excellence, humility, dignity…learnt through football, rugby, cricket, hockey, basketball, netball, tennis, assault courses, dodgeball, climbing walls, and team games including the occasional appearance of a bunny caught in the headlights of oncoming footballs!

As the mornings come to a close – with a little bit of cooking thrown in for good measure – we bring everyone together to reflect on the morning’s lessons and achievements.

October (not April) 2019 – but the message is the same!

We then bring in a story from the Bible to share how Jesus would carry the principles learnt, or to learn the many characteristics of the creator God Himself and the nature of the relationship that He offers us on a one to one basis.

We close by inviting the children to join us as we pray for them and their future. Participation is totally voluntary, but we really appreciate an open mind and willingness to join in. Most importantly, we want every child to have fun, feel part of their teams, and learn and grow from the experience.

Follow this link to our booking form today to avoid missing out!

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