Why we need policies

It may sound a bit dull but policies are a really important part of what we do. Without them, there would be no framework, no guidance, and no instructions to help make sure all of our activities are delivered safely, securely and with some sense of order.

Policies are a legal matter. If our policies didn’t exist, are out of date, or are not followed by our team and participants, we run the risk of becoming responsible for any situation which might put a participant, team member, or the public in danger.

A Biblical example of a great policy follower is Daniel. Daniel had an excellent spirit. His faith in the Lord carried him through really difficult and dangerous situations.

When people tried to catch him out, they could find no fault. So instead, they tried to attack his relationship with God. That also failed.

We must carry the same spirit of excellence in all we do so that no fault can be found, everyone that comes in to contact with us are safe, and everyone is only left being pointed towards God for His glory.

It is important that all our policies are kept up to date, that our staff have read, been trained in, and confirmed their agreement with all of them, that all participants are made aware of them, and that they are available to the public also.

Our policies are available below for viewing. Some policies are currently being transferred to digital format and will be available shortly.

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