As the wealth of sports activities, team games, and baking were brought to a close, our army of 6-12 year olds sat down on the sports hall floor to reflect on an epic morning and talk about what it means to be obedient.

With our calendar of activities looking busier than the premier league Christmas fixture list, Spirit in Sport were in two minds as to whether we could host a Sports Camp at the usual quality this May half term.

We realised we couldn’t stay undecided for long! And so announcing a one day only special sports camp through our mailing list and social media accounts, we were humbled to find 13 willing and able 6-12 year olds ready to take on a mini version of our school holiday activities.

They say 13 is ‘unlucky for some’. We disagree. But it’s also not the opposite; we weren’t lucky, we were blessed!

Our sports camps combine a range of sports – this time including football, cricket, mini-Olympics, dodgeball, and our new climbing wall – with warms ups, team games and cooking. We pepper this with encouraging motivation based on biblical principles such as winning with humility and perseverance, and wrap it all up with a short, light devotional on a particular theme – this time being ‘obedience’, once we’ve celebrated the ‘champagne moments’; where participants are acknowledged for examples of great sportsmanship across the course of the camp.

“Josiah really enjoyed it, especially biscuit making ?” commented one parent on our  Spirit in Sport Facebook page, while another shared their children’s feedback: “Full days please and more days!”

So, while our planning is well underway for summer commitments across different churches and in the community, as well as our new leagues and initiatives such as Careers Cafe, we will certainly keep this in mind – more biscuit making and more days…it’s not a time for double-mindedness or disobedience, so watch this space!

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