Spirit in Sport is honoured to support our community through sport for Christ. At this unprecedented time of uncertainty due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, we are not disappearing, but changing how and where we do things. We are not sure what this looks like yet, but please contact us if you require support or prayer. 

We love each and every person that enters our doors to take part in our activities every week across the year. We are so grateful to God for providing the opportunity to serve Him and the local community in the way that we can.

It is with a heavy heart but a responsible mind that we have made the decision to cancel the majority, if not all, of our activities at the Spirit in Sport HQ. 

Every week we have a full range of the community visit us, from babies to people aged 90+, with varying levels of health. A number of people who have contacted us have shared their fears, concerns and confusion for taking part in activities at this time. The facilities in which we operate are amazing but dated, and are only rented by us.

The government has not yet told the nation to stop all activities entirely with immediate effect. However, in order to delay the infection rate in the UK, as of 16.03.20 they do advise against unnecessary travel and social contact and gatherings, including through grassroots sports, all of which relates to what we do. As Christians we are called by God to obey those who are in authority over us, as He has put these people in places of power (Romans 13). 

Spirit in Sport supports the needs of our local community; your physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing, whether through Sports Camps, football, basketball, Home Ed Sports, Men’s Shed, Community Cafe, Befriending, Big Screen live matches, and local church led events, as well as through partnerships in providing Youth Alpha courses, Pilates, careers guidance, support for children with additional needs and parents and rough sleepers. 

In 2019 we welcomed and worked with 2,600 visits from the local area, at an average of 43 people each week across the year. This year so far we have supported an average of 55 people each week. Needless to say, as for everyone, the timing of this virus is frustrating as well as concerning. But we are standing on strong foundations. 

In the Bible, in John chapter 20, we read about a morning, before dawn, when Mary Magdalane visited Jesus’ tomb where He was placed after being unjustly killed on the cross. Only to find it was empty. In a dark hour in dark times, this is not what she expected or had feared. After first standing still and crying, with tears still in her eyes Mary decided to look for Jesus. She turned around, enquired about him, and found that He was alive and right next to her. Shortly after this moment, Jesus visited His disciples to find they had locked themselves in through fear of their enemy of the time. Jesus greeted them with “peace be with you” and told them “I am sending you, just as the Father has sent me”. Then He breathed on them and said “receive the Holy Spirit…”.

Our vision is to reach the community for Christ and we believe in a God that is far greater than anything that can come against us. For Spirit in Sport, this is a time not to lockdown to our enemy of the time, whether that is a virus or the fear of one, but to step up and be ready to be sent out, trusting in the power, authority, and direction of the Holy Spirit. We don’t know yet what this looks like, but the ball is in motion and will gain momentum. 

If you are a Spirit in Sport activity participant reading this, please know that you can contact us for support and prayer at this time. Please also keep an eye on our social media and website for any more information.

Thank you all so much for joining in with us, we look forward to the next season and you and your friends and families being with us on that journey. 

May God give you and all around you peace and protection in this time. 

Chris Cox, Team Leader, Spirit in Sport


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