In early March, back when we could travel and lockdown was a possibility, one of our supporters, Sarah Adie, ran the Bath Half Marathon. Over the years Sarah’s children have been, and still are, involved in our activities including 5 a side Football and Sports Camps, both as participants and trainee coaches.

We caught up with Sarah to find out a little bit more about her training, fundraising, the day itself, and how running has helped her during the daily grind. 

Q. You were raising money for Cancer Research UK, why did you choose this charity?

A. I chose Cancer Research UK because we all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer. I, personally, have friends who are currently battling this cruel disease and sadly know others who have lost their lives far too early. I wanted to do something positive to raise money and make a difference.

Q. Did this help you during your training and on the day?

A. My fundraising certainly did motivate me to complete the run, as there are always times when you feel like giving up. It especially helped me when training because I knew so many people had sponsored me and were supporting and willing me to complete the run. 

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Q. How did you find the run on the day? Did your training pay off?

A. It was quite tough on the day but that was mainly because of the weather! It rained throughout most of the morning, although fortunately there was no wind. This was my second half marathon, and my training definitely paid off as I was pleased to achieve a PB! In the past I have over-trained and then got an injury as a consequence, but this year I was more careful and stayed injury free. 

Q. Do you have any tips for anyone thinking about signing up for a half marathon?

A. My tip for anyone thinking of signing up for a half marathon is ‘Do it!’. 

Once you have signed up, that is then a date to work towards in your training and a reason to train. Aim to run regularly, starting with short distances then building up gradually, but don’t overdo it. Start slow and then gradually build up pace and distance over time. Only increase distance in 10% increments and have rest days in between runs. Use a running app like Strava to help to monitor your pace, distance and progress. 

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For me personally I find running is a great sport for having some headspace. It’s essentially ‘me time’, a time when I can be alone with my thoughts and work through any problems. It has really helped my mental as well as my physical health. We often do not feel like going out for a long run, but afterwards the feeling of having completed it is great!

I would definitely do another half marathon!

Spirit in Sport have teamed up with Communities Against Cancer to promote self awareness, symptoms and prevention of cancer. We are focusing on five different types of cancer; Lung, Bowel, Prostate, Breast and Testicular. If you would like more information or leaflets, please email us at:

Interview and write up completed by Phoebe.

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